We are Ready to Evolve with You and Maximize your Revenue

Our Mission

We work in a dynamic industry and we’re here to evolve with it as well as with you and your practice. Don’t settle for the same old story of big companies that don’t have the time or the customer service to treat their clients with the consideration they deserve.

We offer hands-on care, individualized attention, and consulting crafted just for your needs. As we like to say,“Our service is personal.”

Whether you’re a doctor, run a practice, or are a patient, we offer quality customer service to keep your business or health running smoothly. We truly believe the human element is an important one and that it’s missing from too many in the medical revenue consulting space.

The foundation of EVOLVE Medical Management is based on the commitment to provide a quality service and have transparent communication, both while maximizing your practice’s bottom line and ensuring long term success.

Our History

Experience is the best teacher and we’ve been taught by it for over twenty years. Working for that many years in the medical billing industry has taught us about what to do right and what can go wrong. We’ve seen the mistakes and successes, and we want to make sure that the only thing you have to see are the successes. Our highly dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to increasing your revenue by applying proven efficient processes to your revenue cycle.


Very few industries stay the same over the course of the years and the medical industry is a leader in change. Continuing education is necessary to support our ongoing commitment to fraud, patient privacy, and abuse. The EVOLVE Medical Management team remains ahead of the game by regularly monitoring government and commercial carrier sites, researching and applying new information, as well as routine internal audits to ensure compliance is maintained.

Don’t get stuck in the past. Stay current, stay moving, and EVOLVE with us.

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